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QS Frutactive Mask (250ml)

QS Frutactive Mask (250ml)

SKU: 0100025
PriceFrom €22.33

Nomierinoša maska ar mitrinošām, pretmikrobu un mīkstinošām vielām. Ideāla pēc sejas attīrīšanas un procedūrām, kas kairina ādu.


    QS PROFESSIONAL is a Greek company that produces and sells professional, innovative cosmetics and medical devices for specialized applications according to strict quality standards.

    Company owes its dynamic development to the interdisciplinary knowledge of its team members, its multiannual experience, the use of contemporary raw materials and methods and its customer-oriented approach.

    ‘QS PROFESSIONAL offers, for 30 years now, high quality services and beauty products of high standards with emphasis on innovation, safety and efficiency. We invest a great deal in our partners’ training and education, as we believe that it provides them with the ability to cope with the present challenges in order to offer excellent, quality services. Our objective is to continue working alongside the beauty industry professional, to be pioneers and to maintain our credibility at all levels’ - .Konstantinos Koutsogiannis


    Action: Anti-inflammatory and soothing mask with moisturizing, antimicrobial and softening agents. Ideal product to use after deep facial cleansing, after AHA and after any treatment where the skin needs a soothing product.

    Ideal for: For skin irritated by treatments but also as a moisturizing mask.

    Use: Apply and rinse off with water after 15-20 minutes, with a gentle motion.