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DSM Aloe Vera Tonic (Oily Skin) 250ml

DSM Aloe Vera Tonic (Oily Skin) 250ml

Артикул: 159307-DSM65
5,99 €Цена

The toner is designed for cleansing oily and problematic skin prone to acne. 

The product cleanses pores and regulates sebum secretion, matting the skin and smoothing its relief.

Thanks to herbal extracts, it reduces inflammation and heals minor damages. Thanks to the complex of minerals, menthol and camphor, it improves the condition of the epidermis and gives the skin a healthy look and even color.
Toner containing Dead Sea minerals, cleanses and normalizes the balance of skin oiliness, promotes the cleansing of pores, the removal of toxins, the healing of minor lesions and has an anti-inflammatory effect.
Camphor is known as a sebo-regulator and has antibacterial properties. Camphor essential oil helps eliminate excessive sweating and cleans oily unclean skin, lightens freckles and age spots.
Menthol cools the skin, has an antiseptic and deodorizing effect, normalizes sebum production, maintains moisture balance, increases blood flow, prevents skin aging, soothes and reduces irritation.