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DSM Aloe Vera Gel, 125ml

DSM Aloe Vera Gel, 125ml

Артикул: 159277-DSM09

Concentrated Aloe vera body gel refreshes and softens the skin after sun exposure.

Skin is exposed daily to the aggressive effects of the environment. Everyone tries to protect it as much as possible, although not all products are effective enough.

The gel with aloe vera provides a therapeutic effect, its composition is enriched with minerals from the Dead Sea, provides relief from irritation, redness and inflammation. The gel soothes the skin, it is indispensable for thermal and sunburns. The gel contains more than 200 different components with anti-stress effect. Daily use of the gel makes the skin firmer, relieves all redness, regenerates cells and saturates them with beneficial substances.
The light texture of the gel is quickly absorbed, it can be used for any skin type. It is indispensable for irritated and tired skin. Within a few days of application, the skin becomes more radiant, firm and attractive. The gel is recommended to be applied daily with a thin layer to the skin of your body and face. The action of the gel is aimed at healing wounds and microcracks, fighting acne and pimples.
The gel with aloe vera extract relieves irritation, redness, cares for oily and combination skin, has an anti-stress effect, prevents the appearance of fine lines and blackheads, soothes skin after insect bites, for example, mosquitoes, provides relief from irritation after shaving, heals wounds and microcracks, useful for sunburn as well as thermal burns.