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DSM Deodorant for Women "Romance", 80 ml

DSM Deodorant for Women "Romance", 80 ml

Артикул: 714334-DSM255

Deodorant provides protection against unpleasant odors caused by specific bacteria. Mineral complex provides protection against irritation and helps to repair and regenerate the skin damaged by shaving.

The deodorant has a pleasant fragrance and ensures long-lasting freshness of the skin.
The unique formula, containing Dead Sea minerals, allows not only to protect the skin from the results of bacteria, causing bad odor, but also regenerates the stratum corneum of the skin, damaged and irritated by frequent shaving. Dead Sea minerals have a toning and cleansing effect, contributing to a longer lasting deodorant.


    Country of Origin: Israel

    Skin type: For All Skin Types

    Special ingredient: Paraben-free (no preservatives)