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DSM Deodorant for Men, 80ml

DSM Deodorant for Men, 80ml

Артикул: 228886-DSM19

Deodorant for men has a long-lasting effect, prevents sweating, gives the skin a feeling of vivacity and freshness, has a delicate and pleasant smell, does not stain, easy to use.
Deodorant contains Dead Sea minerals and caring components that ensure the elimination of bacteria that causes the smell of sweat, giving a feeling of cleanliness and freshness, healing damage, prevent the occurrence of bad odor on clothing, inhibit the bacterial flora responsible for the occurrence of bad odor on clothing.


    Country of Origin: Israel

    Skin type: For all skin types

    Usage Time: 24 Hours

    Gender: Male

    Special ingredient: Paraben-free (no preservatives), not tested on animals