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LeviSsime Eyelash Neutralizer 15ml

LeviSsime Eyelash Neutralizer 15ml

SKU: 652974EP

Levissime Lash Perm Neutralizer Cream, 15 ml

The product seals the structure of the hairs in the process, and the creamy texture does not bleed onto the skin, so you won't encounter irritation or allergies. The product helps you to easily finish curling procedure and get great-looking lashes and neat eyebrows.

Volume: 15 ml (for 30-45 treatments)


Features of LeviSsime Lash Perm Neutralizer:

- neutralizes the residual effects of lash curling gel;
- fixes the shape and curvature;
- closes the structure of the hair fiber;
- hyaluronic acid makes hairs moisturized and shiny;
- has a gentle consistency;
- does not spread on the sensitive skin in the eye area;
- It is a means for the second stage of bioswirling;
- exposure time - 8 minutes;
- does not traumatize the skin;
- strengthens hairs;
- accentuates gorgeous curve and length of lashes.


PH level: 2.7-3.0


    Volume: 15 ml (for 30-45 treatments)

    Warnings: Avoid all contact with the eyes. Rinse immediately if the product comes into contact with the eyes. Contains hydrogen peroxide. Wear appropriate gloves. Follow directions for use. Store in a cool place.

    For professional use only. Suitable for unruly, dense lashes.

    Country of Origin: Spain


    How to use: After removing Lash Perm Gel, apply a neutralizing cream to all lashes.

    Exposure time: 8 minutes. Remove excess product with a cotton pad and rinse off with water.