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RefectoCil Sensitive Developer Gel 60ml

RefectoCil Sensitive Developer Gel 60ml

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Refectocil Sensitive is a special gel developer for eyebrows and eyelashes. The product has passed dermatological and ophthalmological tests and contains silver nitrate. One gel developer is enough for 240 procedures. The volume is 60 ml. 


    1. Your lashes and eyebrows should be dry and degreased for optimal coloring effect.
    2. Close your eyes, apply the paint to your eyelashes until they are completely colored.
    3. Then apply the eyebrow dye in the direction of growth.
    4. Exposure time: 5-10 minutes, depending on the desired color strength.
    5. After the exposure time, remove the paint with a dry cotton pad.
    6. After the exposure time on the lashes, gently remove the excess color with a dry cotton tampon.
    7. Then use water and absorbent cotton to remove the remaining paint.
    8. Keep your eyes closed until the end of the cleaning process.